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A Smarter Supply Chain to Simplify Your Sourcing

Integra Electronics’ inventory management services simplify your supply chain.

Integra Electronics develops customized supply chain programs to meet your needs – smarter supply chain solutions that simplify the buying process and ultimately save you time and money.

Bonded Inventory

Integra stocks dedicated inventory using customer part numbers in our secure climate controlled warehouse. As product is released, a Bond replenishment request is automatically generated, insuring that the Bond is full at all times.

Consignment Inventory

Integra inventory is stored at the customer’s facility with replenishment occurring as inventory is consumed. Consignment inventory programs from Integra Electronics reduce purchase orders, expediting, freight charges and other purchasing related costs. We conduct quarterly reviews with customers to ensure the objectives and accuracy of the program.

Automatic Inventory Replenishment

This service is a "just-in-time" management program designed to reduce customer purchasing costs and increase inventory turns. Based on need and history, Integra will create a parts list referencing internal number, min/max levels and the manufacturer's part number. Using the min/max levels as our guide, we deliver product to the customer’s facility as needed.

Custom Bar Code Labels

Integra can create custom labels to meet your bar coding requirements. Individual reel or package labels as well as carton labels are available. Integra offers custom label colors and can support 20 bar code languages. Labels can include: lot codes, date codes, purchase order numbers, customer and manufacturer part numbers, and additional data to assist in order tracking and processing.


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