Nidec-Copal Electronics, is a leading manufacture of precision switches, Encoders, Micro fans, Brushless blowers, Optical couplers, Pressure Sensing devices. Known for their high reliability and quality for reduced maintenance over time.



Switches and Buttons.

DIP, Illuminated and Push button, Toggle, Lever and Rocker, Slide, Rotary. Offering expanded products, such as Panel seal rocker SW for construction machinery, vehicles and ships, and DC high voltage SW for new electricity infrastructure on Smart Grid solution. 

Micro DC Fans

Ultra-compact / Low-profile models, that are ideal for compact electric instrument and local cooling applications. Realization of high air flow and low noise by adoption of Meridian impeller which is highly effective and unique, Longer operating life by sealed bearing structure Light weight . 


Micro Blowers

Micro-Blowers from Nidec-Copal offer high air flow using air bearing technology. Available with / or without motor driver controller. Small package, quiet operating nose level. 

Pressure sensors

Noec-Copal, Pressure sensors and Transducers for Gas and Liquid offer quality a durability unmatched. Designed for corrosive environments, small confined spaces whare reliability and minimal servicing is required. 

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