Kamaya manufactures to automotive grade as well consumer grade resistor and resistor chip sets. All of Kamaya product are produced in dedicated lines by experence operators. Chip Resistors, Chip fuse, ESD surpressors, lead resistors, avliable to wide range of package sizes.


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Thin Film

Kamaya line of Thin Film resistors is suitable for precision application, Automotive, Medical and Military. Offers high stable performance characteristics. 

Thick Film

Thick film resistors suitable for Automotive and high tolerance applications.  Available in all package sizes. 

Chip Resistor Arrays

Hologian Free Resistor arrays offer high density packaging for application limited in PCB real estate. Offering multiple of resistor values and package sizes.


Anti-Sulfur Resistors

Designed for use in high sulfuric application where contamination of sulfuric particles could create failure. Anti-sulfuric resistors help mitigate against contamination and silver migration. 

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