Laird Connectivity simplifies the enablement of wireless technologies with market-leading wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and customer-specific wireless solutions. Our best-in-class support and comprehensive engineering services help reduce risk and improve time-to-market. When you need unmatched wireless performance to connect electronics with security and confidence, Laird Connectivity delivers - no matter what.

Product Series



863/925 LoRA Frequency bands, Available in different package configurations, 1/4 flexible, IP 67 sealed, Low Profile, Duel-band capable 

GPS Antenna

Operating ranges from 1572.4 to 1578.4 Mhz. Offered in Dual-Band and multiple of package styles, Including IP rated version. 

RFID Antennas

832 to 960 Mhz ranges, High Gain, 5.5 to 9.0 dBic, IP67 enclosure, right and left hand configurations.


Wi-Fi Antennas

Dual and single band options, radiating optimize 802.11 to 2.4 - 5 Ghz. Indoor and out door enclosure configurations with optional horizontal and vertical mounting solutions.

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