Marinco Power Products are designed and built for tough, harsh environment applications including construction, Movie, Stage and Studio Production Rental / Lots. We focus on the needs of the high demanding jobs that require the highest quality products. Design to last with minimal service and down time. 

Product Series


Wire Cam Locks

Single Poll Cam Locks rated for 150A to 400A. Smooth body design allows for strong grip connection. Widely used in the entertainment industry and construction markets.


Stage Pin Connectors

Bates, Ultra connectors are manufactured from a extreme temperature nylon tolerant compound. Rated to 500 Degree F and is durable and resilient to punishing impacts.


Water Proof Cam Lock Covers

Panel mount Cam lock covers are IP rated for dust and moisture, Protecting the panel mount CAM mating end from getting wet and damaged


Panel Mount CAM Locks

Panel Mount Cam Locks rated for 150A to 400A. Used in power break out enclosure or distribution boxes. Mates with Wire Cam Locks.

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