Matsuo offers wide range of products, best known for Tantalum capacitors,  Circuit Protection, Film Capacitors. AEC-Q200 compliant,  High temperature environments, Small package size, high performance applications.

Product Series

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251 M Series Capacitor

Ultra miniature and high capacitance Capacitors with Face-down Terminal Structure. Contribute to miniaturization of the portable multimedia devices.


251 T Series Capacitor

Low profile Capacitors based on Type 251. Contribute to, low profile of the portable multimedia devices.


281 M Series Capacitor

Ultra Low ESR series suitable for medium to high frequency circuit as DC/DC Convertor.


High Current Fuses Li-ion

High current Fuses using All-in-one fuse element with terminal which suitable for Li-ion rechageable batterypacks.
(200% Fusing)

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