VCC (Visual Communications Company) is the recognized leader supporting illuminated electronic components for the global markets including aerospace, food service, people movers, transportation, medical, telecom and industrial.  Products range from; Light Pipes, Panel mount Indicators, LED and custom LED packaging solutions. 

Product Series


LED Display

VCC LED displays come in various styles and package sizes. Segmented, Capacitive Touch. Low profile SMT and Through Hole 


Panel Mount Indicators

Largest selection of panel mount indicators. Assorted mounting styles, Colors, voltages and options for indoor and outdoor solutions. 

Panel Lens and LED Mounts

Mounting an LED to the front panel has never been so easy. VCC series Lens and LED mounts allow a easy and quick way to mount any through hole LED to a panel. Available in variety of color and sizes.

LED Light Pipes

Panel and PCB mounted light pipes offer a way of taking light from a surface mount LED to the front panel. Available; in 2.5mm to 5mm hole sizes, various lengths, moisture sealed and lens color options.

Discrete LED's

VCC LED are designed specifically for CNX series solderless panel mounts. Light-Pipes and VCC lens mount products Available in single and RGB colors, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and SMD packages.

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